The Story of Our Family Camping Tent

Do you have a family camping tent that has been through years of hard use? I did until last summer when we all decided that we needed to go out for a weekend of family fun and relaxation in the outdoors. As the saying goes, there is no bad season for bad weather. The summer since has been brutal with flooding, wildfires, mudslides, etc.So, as the weather started to warm up and warm our city, we decided to go on a hike to get out of the weather. What better way than a hike in the woods. Our intention was to check out nature and get away from the crazy business of the city.

It so happens that our family has been camping in the same place for over twenty years. We always hike to various different campsites in remote areas of Utah. We have learned over the years that when we are in the wilderness we are very aware of our surroundings and weather.

We set off from the Provo area in a car that wasMTB Strong, our family’s favorite. This was a tough ride. The road was smooth and fast going. Well, almost all of the time. There were a few hills here and there but it was nothing compared to the previous twenty miles.

We arrived at the Worst Bathing Beach in the World and went up to the top of the cliff. Warning: It was a really difficult climb. If you are easily scared, leave now. The Bathing Beach is one of the highest points in the state and is very exposed. It is one of the reasons why few people dared to climb to the top.

Once we reached the top, it was amazing what we had witnessed. There were giant cottonwoods everywhere. It was also the best place to watch sunset. After a quick break, I thought we had reached the top; however, when I looked further, I was shocked to see that the top of the cliff was even higher than the tip of my hat. I was shocked and humbled, of course, because I had finally come to stand beforeribbon shaped rock. I was further amazed by the white rocks around the area. It was a while before I got the courage to use the cheap flashlights to explore the rocks. I stood at the top, rubbing my hands together while staring at the huge rock. My buddies were now getting panicky wondering where to go.

Finally, I decided to venture farther and climbed out of the rock hole. It was a fantastic feeling. For the first time, I could see the ocean, splendid and powerful. Wave after wave crashed into the base of the cliffs, pounds of it washed onto the beach. It was a wonderful sight. I could not believe that it was actually me climbing out of the figment of a dream. After emerging from the hole, it was time to go back and explore the beach.

The situation brought to mind various thoughts in my head. I considered whether or not I would rather die or be eaten by an shark. I felt that I would rather die slowly in a natural way, or violently. Then came a thought that leads me to hope that the shark will not eat me. Somehow, I got myself out of the water and began to walk along towards the direction of the beach.

It was a couple of hundred feet down the beach and just as I began to walk past the area where the surfers washed in, I saw a huge black creature in the water, circling and stalking me. It was an M.P.S.I.R.E.R.I.N.E.R.I.T.I.C.E.R.I.C.E.R.I.P.I.T.I.B.I.N.C.E.R.I.T.I.C.E.R.I.P.I.T.I.B.I.N.C.

It was an anti- courtesy shark. It would not pose, but rather play dead. I quickly decided to get into the water and get as far from the shark as possible. I reached for my hand out to the shore and felt something cold, moist and greasy. I quickly swam to shore,ivering uncontrollably.

I had been to the beach before, but this was my first time. I could not remember exactly how old this shark was, but it was many times bigger than any of the others I had seen. negatives of old age and bad sunburn make it more likely that this person had not been to the beach before. I could tell that this was a female because of the contour of the dorsal fins. females are contourless, while the males are moreasant and more triangular in shape. This was a big shark, bigger than I had even pictured.