Winter Hiking Can Be a Warm Experience

Don’t think I’m crazy because I love to get out and see the state of the world. Even though I’ve been KNocked down plenty of times and knocked down myself, I’ve always gotten back up. I’ve learned through experience that you have to doubly resilient. You can’t afford to think that you’re going to be OK. Each time you think you’re going to be OK, you slip up and then realize that you’re not. The weirdest thing is that usually the people are the ones that get caught by the avalanche first.

It’s been years since I went on a hike in the White Mountains in New Hampshire and heard the news. As I write this, I am sitting in a cabin in a hotel in Colorado Springs and my agent is calling to set up a meeting with me to discuss my newest business. I can’t wait.

So when the agent told me that she couldn’t get a room for me at the hotel, I asked her if she could get me a room at the hostel instead. She said she would see me later and told me not to tell anyone where I was going. That’s good advice.

AMazing Grace:

Giving thanks to God first, and then to each one after you.


lightweight rain poncho

ultra-light wool socks

McNett & Weather Max waterproof liner

chini wicking shorts

tight jeans


aña Santaica hat


bag for the trail

mule ride


rain gear

and the list goes on and on

And now…

I am asking you to help me Top Three things I should bring or should we just let nature take it’s course?

1) Proper shoes- I wear a full-length poncho and carried a heavy pack that teared up a bit when I went up a hill. I Finally broke down and bought a decent pair of hiking shoes. Since then, I have paid a little extra money and I now wear a pair of lightweight Vibram’s. It doesn’t keep water out (although it might) and it keeps my feet nice and dry.

2) Dry Bag- in the desert you don’t want to carry a full tent around. Why not carry a Prius camping backpack that has a 3 way shower and a 3 liter water bag? The bag fits nicely in the middle of my pack.

3) Water filter or Water Treatment- I’ve used poor quality water filters before and that’s why I switched to the water treatment. It works great for me.

4) Sleeping pad and sleeping bag– I pay extra money for a pad and a sleeping bag that works for me.

5) Food- I like to be comfortable when I’m backpacking but I don’t sacrifice my food. Sometimes you can’t have it all.

6) Laptop backpack- nothing beats a laptop backpack when you need to be working on your book or working on your internet marketing plan for the next season.

7) Cash- yes, you have to carry cash with you but it doesn’t have to weigh you down. They’ve come a long way and they’re easy to carry.

8) Camera- Handy camera and extra memory card or memory cards add a couple pounds to your pack.

9) Cellphone- maybe for your kids, but I carry a phone for myself. Gotta charge it every night.

10) Tipis and a hammock… tipi’s only if I go overnight.

11) Kayak- Paddles if I have time and it makes good sense

12) MonkeyTank– rain gear and lots of additional clothing

13) Pottery collection- pottery making is a good source of income and upgrades your cooking ability.

14) Polarguard- Go overkill? Get a few showers for the whole family.

15) Eyepiece- Don’t lose your eye sight

You can put a lie to rest your spinning head by throwing in a pair of Pros to replace your glasses. I never spineless enough to fall out of my oak frame.

dry bag with aolic acid in it’s various states. Put in any state you don’t mind getting wet. importance placed on this item by the manufacturer.

Navy Surplus First Aid Kit. Everything for a child is put into this nifty little kit. The little splurge adds comfort for little hands. The navy color is great for reading a map or treating a child for a sore head. The fact that I still use my old hippy Hippy Bear butlers have only increased my family’s camping enjoyment.

When you’re packing for your camping vacation, take time to think about what special memories you want to create. Family camping is a time honored family tradition that works.